Edit: Recently Adopted!

Aemilia~precious 8 month old, 43 lb Pittie Princess!

Gaithersburg, MD 20879 – Aemilia is an adorable White and Tan Pittie Mix with the cutest rabbit ears, who loves to give kisses. Here is what her foster mom had to say about this sweet 8 month old 43 lb. bright eyed beauty!

After a month in her foster home, Aemilia’s true personality is starting to show. She is a sweet cuddler and vocal about what she wants. She shows no sign of food aggression, and she sits patiently while my 2 dogs get their treats first, but she gobbles her food really fast and then checks out the other bowls.

She does listen when my little hound mix growls her warning to stay away from her food. She is quite young and still learning her manners, such as how to take treats nicely, but is progressing well with this, as well as her leash manners. Aemilia loves to play, roll around in the grass and discover new things.

It is obvious that she needs some confidence boosting, for when we walk after dark, she is leery of shadows and crouches when she walks. She is learning to trust and I am sure she will overcome this fear soon as she is a very smart girl. Aemilia does honor a gate, but she doesn’t like her crate or to be gated in the kitchen, but treats and food bribes win her over every time.

She has had some trepidation with stairs, but to come up to bed at night with me and my pack, she will do just about anything. We all sleep in my bed, but Aemilia has trouble joining us as she does not know how to jump onto the bed. Most nights she starts out in a dog bed, but by morning she has figured something our as she is snuggled right against me when I wake. I guess the bed and stairs issues are a testament to her previous life where she had no experience with these luxuries.”

Aemilia is a good girl who will be a great companion for someone willing to help train and teach her. Her heart has no shortage of love in it and she will be a wonderful BFF to you and your family. House trained, spayed, up to date on shots and microchipped.

For additional photos, please visit Aemilia’s Facebook page or contact us for information or fill out an online application. And thanks for caring about this really special dog!