Haverhill MA 01830 – My name is Apple and I was rescued just in the knick of time from the ACC shelter in NYC. The awesome people at AmsterDog pulled me and I was on my way to MA to my foster family.

I’m estimated to be about 6-8 months old, so I think I’ll pick January 1, 2014 as my birthday, and I weigh 40 pounds. I am learning sit, down, stay, wait, easy and off. Oh and roll over. Sometimes I think my name is “no”, because my foster family is always saying that to me. Geesh! Can’t a girl have a little fun?! I can win over my foster mom with my sad little face but, my foster dad doesn’t fall for it. He’s too smart and tells me it’s for my own good so I grow up to be a well-mannered lady.

I have a bigger foster brother, Harvey. He too was rescued by AmsterDog 6+ years ago. He’s very patient of me when we go on walks. I’m still in training when it comes to going on walks. My Foster dad is teaching me “heal” and “no pull” but I’m not always good at paying attention. There’s just so much to see like the birds, the butterflies, the grass, the bugs… let’s face it, I’m young and sometimes can be a big knucklehead! I don’t mean to be. It’s just great to be free and young and safe! Life is good!

I went on vacation with my foster family for 4th of July and learned what water is. Meh, It’s OK. I think I just need more time to get the used to it and it needs to be warmer! Brrrrrr! Frankly, I preferred to stay on the rocks and watch all the people. I might have the potential to be a therapy dog because I was so calm and chill when all the little kids were doting over me. I love to meet new people too. It’s just so exciting!

They also took me hiking in the White Mountains and I got my very own little back pack. All I carried was my poop bags. Actually it didn’t bother me one bit and everyone commented on how cute I was 🙂 I was soooooo tired after that hike! Once in the car I was out cold! I’m very good about riding in the car too. Usually I’ll just sleep or watch the world go by from the back seat.

If you’re looking for a Snuggle Bunny… That’s me! I love, love, love to snuggle with my foster mom! And she likes it to 😉 Speaking of bunnies… My foster family has 2 bunnies. I see them every day behind the gate in their room. They’re interesting little creatures and I would like to meet them, but for now I’m told I can only see them from afar. Most of the time I’ll sit and watch them for a bit and then mosey on my way. So I may be good with smaller animals in the house, but we would have to see.

Being a puppy still, I’m going to need a strong leader and someone who can work with me and continue to work on my commands. I think I would be great as a little sister dog because I love to meet new dogs and love to PLAY! I do like plating fetch but when I’m done, I’ll get the ball and just flop where ever I am. I won’t bring it back at that point. Nope! I’m done! My foster dad says that may be I’d be a good Frisbee dog. But not so much a good runner dog. I do have lots of energy, but I don’t think running is my thing.

So Peeps… If you are looking for a silly, good-natured, Snuggle Bunny who loves to meet new people and dogs, well I just may be your girl!

Love, Apple

Additional photos can be found on Apple’s Facebook page.

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