Ariel – 2 yr old, 43 lb. Cutie Patootie Pit Mix!

Elmsford, NY – Ariel is a sweet soul that craves human affection. She walks fairly well on a leash, sits on command, and even if she is very excited, she melts into a leaning hug as soon as you reach to stroke her head and back. With proper and slow introductions, she gets along with other dogs but does need time to acclimate to any new pups that are unfamiliar to her. She likes learning new things and is eager to please; as a result, this sweet little nugget is easy to train and very treat-motivated.

From Ariel’s devoted Foster Mom:

“Ariel is very endearing. In the short time she’s been with us, she has managed to wiggle her way into both my husband’s and my own heart, as well as both of my dog walkers. She is a a total sweetheart. I’m sure that this little girl has a lot more personality to show us, but for now, we’re giving her time to rest and adjust to her new surroundings. She is truly a gem, we adore her!”

She’s just a happy little sprite in a black dress waiting to be discovered by someone who will absolutely adore her. She loves to spend time with her humans and has been incredibly easy for her foster family to care for.

For additional photos, please visit Ariel’s Facebook Page or contact us for information or fill out an online application. And thank you for caring about this sweet, special dog!