Ashwin – 1 y/o, 43 lb. Exuberantly Playful and Loving Boy!

Bayshore, LI — Step right up and set your sights on Ashwin the Amazing! This 1 y/o, 63 lb. caramel and cream beauty is our newest Amsterdog and has quickly earned the nickname “Mr. Handsome”.

All smiles and waggy tails, Ashwin is a gorgeous goofball of happiness. He is a lover of people and kids (over 8) and dogs big and small after a proper greeting. He loves playing with fellow pups, getting outdoors and can entertain himself while you’re at work too. He walks great on his leash and always does his business outside. He loves people as much as he loves dogs, happily slobbering his kisses and showering his affection. He walks so sweetly on the leash, and he never, ever stops wagging his tail. Ashwin is bliss on all fours – happiness waiting for a home!

Here’s what the shelter volunteers have to say about Ashwin:

It’s clear that Sir Ashwin has a little Bull Terrier in his family tree, and we know that mixed breeds combine the best characteristics of all the breeds. His slightly long and rounded nose is a complete giveaway. So, besides being uniquely handsome in his light caramel well-cared-for coat, he seems to be housetrained, walks sweetly on the leash, loves romping in playgroup with his peers, and when a small dog on a retractable leash ran up to him to say hello, he wagged his tail in greeting. In fact, he never, ever stops wagging his tail. Ashwin means “light”, and to say that Ashwin will light up your life with kisses, fun and the love of a lifetime is an understatement.

Get ready for kisses and to “LOL” because Ashwin will light up your life! All this guy needs is a family to share all his love and laughs with because this funny guy is as good as it gets.Don’t pass up the chance to meet this special boy today!

Ashwin is Neutered, up to date on shots, microchipped, and all ready to be adopted.

For additional photos, please visit Ashwin’s Facebook Page or contact us for information or fill out an online application. And thank you for caring about this really special dog!