ASTER! 32 lbs, 5 y.o sweet pit mix needs Forever home!!

Northfield, MA – Aster is in need of a new FOREVER home! He was rescued from the dreaded euthanasia list at the Manhattan ACC and is now safe in a foster home!

This is what his foster mom had to say about him~ now calling him Zukie after his favorite treats!!

“Small and sleek, 33 pounds and under 2 feet tall, Zukie looks up with a smile. He has the calmness of a 5 year old and the sweetness that comes from enjoying kindness, good food, and regular jaunts outside.

Pine cones, branches, a stone wall – they’re all new to this guy from New York City. Bugs, birds, and leaves blowing in the wind surprise him, and he gives chase like a puppy would

It’s hard to believe only a week ago he was scheduled to be euthanized! Before his two-week stint in New York City’s shelter system, Zukie — fka Aster — and his skinny siblings were found abandoned in an apartment, left in crates in their own filth.

But wonderful volunteers saw how happy, sociable, and polite they were despite their abandonment and the chaotic shelter. They created 3 videos for Aster/Zukie. In one, he’s shy and fearful; in the next, he accepts treats and wears a scarf.

I’m so happy AmsterDog stepped up to save him and let me foster him. He’s a joy. When I met him, he was enjoying Zuke’s Jerky Treats with one of the transporters, and easily came to me, shy and respectful, in our Northampton parking lot meeting spot.

Happy but quiet, Zukie is a big dog personality in a compact dog body. It’s as if a Italian Greyhound, a Staffie, and a Labbie all merged and he got the best of all three. His coat is super short, easy to wash – low maintenance, but he’ll need a coat in the winter. He’s athletic yet happy to lie on the grass. I can imagine him on hikes and runs and then chilling on the couch watching TV. Basically whatever his humans are doing. He wants to be your companion.

As for training, Zukie is a quick study. He would be the star in a basic obedience class. He sits for food before hearing the command. He is learning to wait before going in and out of the gate, looking at me before proceeding. His eagerness can get the best of him, though, as he pulls initially on the leash and if something captures his attention. Off leash in a large fenced-in yard (1 acre), he is aware of my movements and follows if I move in a different direction. He can get absorbed in finding branches and sniffing, but comes running when called. All without treats!

Because Zukie is ‘quarantined’ until his cold and sneezing clears, he hasn’t met my dogs. In the volunteer notes and videos, though, they describe him as “very good in playgroup, very good with other dogs – boys and girls – and good with difficult dogs and less difficult dogs” as well as “tolerant of being mounted.”

So far, he loves Earthborn Holistic Grain Free Great Plains Feast kibble and Zuke’s Jerky Treats. He turns his nose up at wet food, but allows me to easily pill him. When going to bed, he cries and whines for 20-30 minutes but then naps nicely. Clearly, he’d rather spend time trotting beside me or bounding about in the backyard.

Zukie is located in Northfield, Massachusetts. He is microchipped, up to date on vaccinations, and will be neutered soon

For additional photos, please visit Aster’s Facebook page or contact us for information or fill out an online application. And thanks for caring about this really special dog!