Aylen is a 36 lb 2 year old Pocket Pittie who was found on the street and brought to the city shelter.

Here is what a few of her fans at the shelter have said about little Aylen:

“Give this tiny little girl a back scratch and she will be in seventh heaven ..She will pay you back a thousand times, showering you with kisses and overwhelming you with hugs…Aylen lays calmly in her kennel but as soon as she sees my eyes landing on hers, she is ready at her door, barely waiting to be leashed and pushing her face through the opening. Aylen is lively, friendly and sociable. She is quite small, much too thin, prancing along my side and is rather cute in her shiny ebony dress. In a line up and paws up, I would recognize her easily among one hundred others. She owns one white nail… Can you even imagine that Aylen was a mother once upon a time? Aylen gets excited seeing the tennis ball but she does not play with it. She is more interested in personal contact with her caretaker and in treats that she takes avidly from my hand. Aylen has a bit of weight to catch up with. She walks well on the leash and eliminates on the way. She does not seem to have problems meeting other dogs.. I think that she would make a lively, affectionate, fun to be with and almost portable pet companion if you give her the opportunity to become your forever best friend.”

And from another volunteer:

“Get your sunglasses on, because when this gorgeous little girl steps out of her kennel, the shine of her coat is amazing! She’s sleek and delicate, feminine and petite. She has a wonderful energy, sitting for treats, her tail at a constant wag. Friendly in a sweet way, Aylen is ready to be your friend forever. Brought to us as a stray, she stayed with her finder for four days. They told us that she’s housebroken, knows ‘sit’. ‘lie down’ and ‘paw’, loves to play, is active, and loves to be pet and hugged. Check, check and check! This delightful little girl aced her behavior assessment indicating she’ll be a great fit in most homes. Her leash manners are lovely, and she’s ready to waltz into your home.’

Aylen had some litters in her short life, but will soon be spayed, and is up to date on her shots and microchipped.

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To meet this little ebony gem, please contact AmsterDog.