Ben! 2 y/o, 48 lb, Now in Training to Help Him Learn to Trust – Transitional assistance, guidance and training techniques will be provided to adopters free of charge

Frenchtown, NJ – Ben was rescued from the city shelter, where he was formerly known as Ven. It quickly became apparent he had difficulty trusting people due to his previous environment and is now receiving training in NJ and looking for his next destination – a forever home where he can finally experience a life of love and peacefulness.

Despite needing training due to fearfulness of humans and some resource guarding of his personal space, Ben has a lot of great qualities that will make him a wonderful addition to any home once his training is successfully completed!

He is intelligent, calm, walks well on the leash, and, when he trusts you, he has shown himself to be very affectionate, loving and loyal. He is currently doing well in his training program to help him overcome difficulty understanding who can be trusted and how to behave when he is unsure.

All the volunteers who have interacted with him and have gotten to know him say that:

He is respectful, funny, smart, listens and is patient, walks really well on a leash, and plays well with other dogs. Loyal and loving, he will give you lots of kisses and cuddles. He has seen some hard times and is hoping to find a family that understands what that is like and willing to be patient with him as he learns to trust them.

Update from Ben’s trainer:

Ben would do best in a home with an experienced and active single person or couple, preferably with a fenced yard or area where he can get lots of exercise and spend critical bonding time with his new family. He may do okay with another dog; a meet-and-greet will need to be conducted beforehand to determine if the personalities will mesh well together.

PLEASE NOTE: The trainer who is working with Ben has generously offered to provide training guidance and assistance to the adoptive family throughout the transition period to help ensure Ben’s continued success. Adopters must be willing and able to visit Ben at the training facility 1-2 times beforehand in order to facilitate early bonding and learn the training techniques that will need to be continued in his forever home.

Ben is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

For additional photos, please visit Ben’s Facebook page or contact us for information or fill out an online application. And thanks for caring about this really special dog!