Hello, my name is Bingo! At first it was Bingo-no-stopit, but I guess my foster people thought that was too long as after a few weeks they shortened it to just “Bingo.” I love my name; it means I am a dog with a future and not just a problem to get rid of. Plus it has lots of spring in it, just like me!

Life is good with my foster family; I’ve never had so much food and human touch, and I get to sleep with my people, which is the best. But I know my true-love person is looking for me and I can’t wait till we meet. Here I have to share my people with three other dogs and three of those creatures they call “cats.” Somehow they don’t realize that those “cats” are dangerous vermin that need to be chased far away. Every time I try to take care of the problem I end up back in my crate, which makes me sad. I’ve learned so much since coming here. I know “sit,” “down,” “come,” “stay,” leave,” “wait” and I’m even beginning to understand “heel.” But I just cannot control myself around those fluffy vermin. I hope my true-love person finds me soon as I’m really afraid of going somewhere called “boarding.” My foster mom tells me that the worst is past and the best is yet to come. Should I believe her?

Bingo is a fifteen month old pit bull cross whose gorgeous copper coat has faint chocolate brindles running through it. His golden almond eyes have seen the worst from human beings, yet they are still filled with love and trust. A few small scars on his face are the only visible signs of his past sufferings, and he looks ahead with hope to a new life with his own special person. That person will be patient and kind, with lots of time, as Bingo has been starved of human contact throughout his young life. His greatest joy is to curl up as close to his human as he can, to make up for all those long months of abuse and neglect. He loves tasks and rewards, and he is quickly learning basic obedience. Leash training is the next big challenge, but Amsterdog will sponsor a trainer for the lucky person who brings Bingo home. Please don’t let his fate be a boarding kennel, where loneliness and despair will once again engulf him! He has come so far in just two months, and the sky is really the limit for this athletic, eager boy. Bingo is neutered, up to date with his shots, and microchipped.

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