Brady, fka Devante, is a lively, playful jet black & speckled 3 year old Lab/Pointer mix, living in a foster home in Sandwich, Cape Cod.

Brady loves kids, dogs and cats. This 90 lb. boy was surrendered to the city shelter, where he quickly became the resident rock star. It’s almost impossible not to fall in love with this unique looking lovable guy.

A fenced in yard is a must for Brady.

From Brady’s foster dad:

“BRADY is a 3 yo black lab/pointer mix with the lab part being dominant. This big boy is 90 lbs; calm, but playful—but can get excitable in the car and outside with other people. We are working on that and getting better. Great with kids, cats, puppies, and dogs. Note though, he is 90 lbs. and really gets into playing and tugs of war – no one would call him graceful.

Brady is not the least bit aggressive but puts on a good barking show when someone is at the door – but then wants them to pet and play with him. Our cats have pushed him away from his food bowl. I have also tested him by taking a bone directly out of his mouth with no problem. Loves to play with children and never nips etc. Brady is trained to sit and wait at the door for a leash. He usually will recognize when it’s time to go into the bathroom and walk ahead of us and lay down on his bed in there.

Brady is house trained but with a quirk. Unless he is taken on a walk and he is marking territory he doesn’t go unless he really has to. I have taken him out first thing in the morning for instance and he does nothing but then an hour later will run back and forth from me to the door indicating he has to go. This quirk has led to him going in the house a couple of times because before leaving him for awhile when I have taken him out, he has done nothing, so I assumed all was well. We have learned to keep him in the bathroom whenever we leave where he never makes a mistake.

Brady needs a fenced in yard in which to run. He has taken off on us a couple of times. Our vet coincidentally has the same mix in his dog and says when off leash in the woods it’s like they lose their hearing. We do not have a fenced in yard and Brady really needs that. Brady is calm and obedient on a leash – typically does not pull. Knows basic commands of “here” “sit” “stay” and “drop it”. We are working on heeling.”

Brady is a total lover and we want to find the best home possible
that will be the right one for him. A fenced in yard is a must.

Brady is neutered, up to date on shots, microchipped and fully vetted.

For additional photos, please visit Brady’s Facebook page or contact us for information or fill out an online application. And thanks for caring about this special dog!