Exeter, NH

Hey Everyone!

My name is Cairo and I must be a descendant of a doggie that belonged to the Pharaohs of Egypt because I am a very wise and beautiful brindle. I’m a year and a half old, about 50 pounds, and would love to tell you about myself because even though I’m extremely easy on the eyes, I’ve got other awesome doggie qualities I think you’d like.

My foster pals says that “I am a big love and will cuddle and nuzzle right into you after he knows you. He loves to play and likes other doggies, yielding to them even.”

I am a wise fella that “knows his commands like ‘sit’, ‘eat’, ‘stay’, ‘wait’, and ‘go outside’ and am house trained. I’m trained to go outside 4-5 times a day to use the bathroom.”

The volunteers couldn’t help but give in to my adorable powers that must come from when the pyramids were being built. “Cairo is simply brindlicious! He has a unique white tip on his tail making him even MORE adorable. He walks well on his leash, only pulling slightly, and so proud to show me he knew how to sit. He loves to gives kisses in return for being petted and seemed to like the other doggies at the shelter, being docile around them. He lived with another dog and was great with them. He is playful and exuberant.

We don’t know how he is around small kids since he’s never had the chance to hang out with them. He has never bitten or scratched.” Another volunteer writes: Well helllllllooo handsome! Cairo had me at hello when he met my eyes with a soft and welcoming gaze. Stunningly handsome. He seriously could grace the cover of Doggie GQ! House trained and so happy to come out for a walk he’s low key and gentle, quietly coming into my lap for some hugs and kisses.

He takes treats with the very edge of his teeth – so gently I can barely feel him. He is a great doggie. He loves life and everything about it.

I really do, but almost lost that chance at the shelter. I have SO much love to give and living to do though, so luckily my rescues got me in time. My previous owner who left me there might not have been as wise as other humans, he didn’t understood how young doggies work. We need to play and go for walks. So, I ended up chewing on things that apparently, even regal ones such as myself shouldn’t because I had a lot of energy. I felt bad about it but as smart as I am, I cannot speak Human and tell them how to fix it. All I needed was some new toys and to play and walk so I can work this beautiful body to get that puppy energy out. Not a bad trade to spend your days and nights with me! And who doesn’t love playing? It’s so fun!

I am affectionate, playful, easy going, love bones, and loyal. I would love to find a forever home that is all those things too. Maybe one day there will even be hieroglyphics about us and our happy life. Come meet me today.

Cairo is neutered, up to date on vaccines, and microchipped. For additional photos, please visit Cairo’s Facebook page or contact us for information or fill out an online application. And thanks for caring about this really special dog!