18 Month old CHANCE is a 72 lb. white and tan Pit Bull Mix who is a mushy, charismatic, gentle giant! He has kind eyes and wrinkles around his mouth that appear like laugh lines when he smiles.

Chance was a favorite at the city shelter and here are some of his volunteer notes:

“Chance is easy on his leash and is housebroken. Almost as soon as I ask him to ‘sit’, he goes for bonus points and shows me that he knows ‘down’ too. He is very treat motivated, but takes them politely. He softly wiggles his tail when I speak to him and will lick my hands when I pet him – incredibly sweet! When the wind caused some metal roll up doors to make a lot of clanging noises, Chance got a little spooked and kept looking over his shoulder, but looked up at me too – either for reassurance, or to let me know we were in this together! He is reported to be relaxed, playful and respectful with children and to get along with most dogs. Chance is used to living in a yard with a dog house, but he’s hoping to find a family that will welcome him indoors…and maybe even on the couch!”

Chance spent an overnight stay at a kind person’s house and here is what she reported to us:

“He’s a great dog!! Such a love bug. He did great overnight, no accidents. With all the toys the kids have, he did not chew anything. He was a perfect gentleman with the kids also. As soon as he came into my son’s home, he went right to him. He was good in the car also and in the Jeep. When I walked him back to his kennel, we passed Blue, and Blue was barking away at him and Chance went over and just looked at him, wagging his tail. I called him to let’s go and he came with me no problem. Very well mannered boy.”

Now, Chance is in a boarding facility and would just LOVE to be fostered or adopted by you. He is up to date on all his shots and will soon be neutered.

For additional photos, please visit Chance’s Facebook page or contact us for information or fill out an online application. And thanks for caring about this really special dog!