Charlie & Terry’s Guardian died, and they need a new home!

Here is the sad story of 2 sweet brothers, Terry and Charlie, whose owner died. They are staying temporarily with a good Samaritan who did not want to see them put in a shelter, but he cannot keep them much longer.

Here is what he had to say about them:

Terry and Charlie are two eight year old brothers whose guardian recently passed away. They are easy going, love long walks, our local dog run, and visits to any place they haven’t been before. I think they were a couple of shut-ins who are now beginning to have more of a dog’s life. It’s been very rewarding seeing them come out of their shells this past few weeks.

Terry wants to be a big lap dog, and Charlie likes to fetch ball and chase after squirrels. They are not aggressive or confrontational with other dogs. They tend to get treated as senior citizens in the canine community and are a little intimidated by too many other dogs. Terry is the terrier mix with David Bowie eyes and Charlie is the back yard mutt.”

Terry & Charlie will be fully vetted, neutered and up to date on shots upon adoption.

For additional photos, visit Charlie & Terry’s Facebook page or contact us for additional information.