Bull Terrier Mix Puppy, Great with Kids!

East Stroudsburg, PA

From Chase’s foster mom:

This is Chase (aka “Cheese”). He is a bull terrier or mix. He is 7-8 months old and is neutered and has a microchip and all his vaccines. Cheese is a character! He is very amusing and always has a smile on his face! This little dude is a fantastic puppy! He has incredible food drive and is very laid back at the same time. He would be the perfect companion dog. He will walk, hike and swim, he also loves car rides. But at home He is a couch potato. Cheese adores his one person but is very kind to all. He will just lay at your feet or sit in the chair.

He especially likes his morning routine of sitting on the deck and watching the hummingbirds. He is very good in public and has great leash manners. He is housebroken and crate trained, along with learning his obedience at rocket speed!. He loves to play and snuggle. He is good with children, older than 8. He also gets along great with smaller dogs and cats. He is dominant with bigger dogs, but OK with dogs his size, 50 lbs., or smaller.

A volunteer writes:

When I close my eyes and picture my ‘ideal puppy’ he looks exactly like Polo–a soft gaze, long elegant nose and that velveteen coat of shiny gold–and when I open them I find the real-life version has a perfect personality to match–gentle, humble, kissy, cuddly, playful and silly. What else to conclude but that Polo is a dream come true?

The best little Bull Terrier mix this side of ever, he’s rather timid at first meeting but I offer him a soft hand and a kind word to prove I’m a friend and before I know it he’s hopped onto the bench to share snuggles, smooches and doe-eyed little love looks with me. He may be just a baby but Polo poses so patiently as I try to snap photos in the fading daylight and even though his many tiny kisses show as no more than a blur on camera, I’m not about to stop him from smothering me in them!

The oohs and awws of passersby follow wherever he goes and other dogs seem to sense he’s not inherited his breed’s reputation for pushiness either, approaching with the same softly wagging happy tail as Polo himself. He walks nicely, takes care of his business in the street, listens to correction and comes when called, and his only small naughtiness is playfully jumping and tugging on the leash before a firm ‘no’ puts all four paws back on the ground.

Puppies need guidance and even the good-enough-to-eat ones like Polo take a lot of work to raise up right, yet the love and effort you put in will be paid back ten times over

For additional photos, please visit Chase’s Facebook page or contact us for information or fill out an online application. And thanks for caring about this really special dog!