Christina: Rockstar-Rated 4 y.o., 67 lb Pit Needs Forever Home!

Purchase, NY

Christina needs a FOREVER home and you’d be crazy not to adopt her: She’s good with kids, plays well with others, ignores unknown dogs on the street, and doesn’t pull on the leash!

Only 4 years old, she’s way past the wild puppy phase, but is healthy with plenty of years to be a great family member. Also housebroken, she is well behaved when left at home alone. She enjoys balls and toys and plays fetch, chase, and tug. Off leash with other dogs, Christina is sociable and playful. “Zoomies” are one of her specialities.

A favorite of the behavior team at NYC’s Manhattan Animal Care Center (MACC), Christina was recommended as a family pet. She lived with (and sometimes slept with) a 6 year old and was gentle, exuberant, relaxed and playful with the child, as well as the adults in the home.

She also had exposure to a 2 year old. The family had to surrender her because of a significant change in their living situation (“inadequate facilities”), but their care and love made Christina really shine at MACC. Because the environment is so chaotic at MACC, many surrendered dogs go through a tough adjustment losing their family but while sad, Christina adapted well and quickly became a favorite of the volunteers too.

One volunteer summed up her lovely qualities so well: “Quiet and calm, she loved laid her head in my lap for some petting, savoring the moment giving into it, and then washing my face with some sweet kisses. Lively in play with both people and other dogs, soft and easy in quiet time, Christina is the perfect combination of grace, elegance, fun, beauty and love.”

They note that she takes treats gently and has great manners and put together two videos of Christina while she was there:

(great shots of her taking treats and playing)

(this is her shortly after arrival at MACC, sweet and mellow)

Petite yet 67 pounds, Christina has a Rubenesque shape, curvy and round like an “adorable seal.” Like most of us, she should probably shed a few pounds.

Christina has been with a foster family for 5 weeks in Purchase, NY and they confirm she is “peaceful and sweet” and “loves kids.”

She is up-to-date on vaccinations and is already spayed, and microchipped.

For additional photos, please visit Christina’s Facebook page or contact us for information or fill out an online application. And thanks for caring about this really special dog!