Chuck Norris – 3 y.0., 56 lbs brindlicious hunk!

Brooklyn, NY – A short while ago, Chuck Norris was sitting in a kennel at the NYCACC facing death at only 3 years of age. Unlike the tough guy of film for whom he is named, THIS Chuck Norris is far from tough, he is a total mush and is looking for his forever home! He is adored by his foster parents, and has made fast friends with one of their dogs. Just listen to what they have to say about this sweet boy!

“Chuck Norris came into our lives a little over a month ago. He was put on the euthanasia list due to him getting a cold and demonstrating behavior that the ACC deemed concerning. When my wife and I saw him we thought about fostering him because he clearly didn’t get a chance to live. It was a tough decision being we already have 2 other pitbulls. It was by far one of the best decisions we’ve made as a married couple.

Chuck having behavioral issues couldn’t be further from the truth. He is such a sweet boy who was just looking for some affection. As I write this now he rests his head on my foot sleeping peacefully. He is a great dog. Very friendly, incredibly affectionate, and very sweet. It started out a little rough. He had some adjusting to do. It obviously had some mannerisms that seemed alarming.

With some minor basic training he quickly learned how to behave in a home and really began to come out of his shell. He realized we are not here to harm him but rather care for him and love him. He has become overly affectionate and follows us around the house.

He gets along great with other dogs. He has been slowly introduced to my 4 year old pit. They run around the park together, play with certain toys while supervised, run into each other or they just lay side by side near my wife’s and my feet. Even when I took him to the vet he was very welcoming and friendly to smaller dogs.

He loves going for jogs in the morning, loves to put his head on your lap, play fetch or just lay next to you feeling safe. I’ve heard when you end up saving a dog they end up saving you. That could not be more accurate when it comes to Chuck.

To realize that how fragile life is, that he was a slow walk away from the needle is mind boggling. He is the perfect dog! If it was for my senior that doesn’t really get along with other dogs we would keep him ourselves.

He is a great family dog. However I must advise there are two issues. First he loves to cuddle. He enjoys laying right up next to you fitting his body into whatever opening you’re allowing in your current lying position. Second he is a bit of a snorer, when he is out for the count and comfortable the snores come and he isn’t moving.”

Please inquire about Chuck Norris today!

Chuck Norris is up to date on vaccines, microchipped, and will soon be neutered.

For photos, please visit Chuck’s Facebook page.

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And thanks for caring about this really special dog!