Do you adore seniors as much as we do? Look no further – the most gentle, adorable, red-nosed boy is waiting for you!

Long Island (Suffolk County), NY – If you have a soft spot for those wonderful frosted faces that speak of experience, serenity, acceptance, and love, then look no further because Elmo, formerly known as Komodo, is a lovely 10 year old gentleman who was recently saved from the city shelter, after being found all alone and lost, locked up in a basement.

What makes Elmo extra special – and vulnerable – is that he can’t hear; he is partially or totally deaf. Elmo is curious, lively, and friendly; being deaf, he has to see you in order not to get startled and understand your request. He likes other dogs and he curious about them; he loves all people; a great leash walker, he will pull just a little to go meet a new dog or new person; he has seen birds, cats and squirrels when outside, and ignores them.

Here’s what his foster family has to say:

We wonder how Elmo was treated and what his journey has been like, so far. We saw him shake and look a bit lost at first when in unfamiliar places, taking a new car ride, being left in a new yard, or meeting new people inside the home; but he relaxed quickly once he understood all was good and he felt safe again. He follows his humans everywhere and is always looking to them for direction. He loves to sit or lay and look deep into your eyes with a smile, leaning in and resting his head on your lap, or longingly nudging your hand for one more caress. Elmo would thrive in a calm, safe home with a family who understand he needs his humans to be gentle and respectful with him.

Elmo is hoping for a fabulous home to make his heart safe and happy: a place to rest, be loved, be spoiled; to savor a little gourmet cuisine, go on a slow little walk together, enjoy a few rolls in the grass (his favorite new thing to do); a place where he can be a gentle companion and follow you everywhere in the house only to then find himself curled up near you at the end of each day. Will that be you?

Elmo is up to date on shots and microchipped. He in an intact male with a neuter-waiver from the vet due to his age.  

For additional photos, please visit Elmo’s Facebook Page or contact us for information or fill out an online application. And thank you for caring about a pet in need!