Shushan, NY – Hi! My names is Ernesto but you can call me Ernie. I have had one heck of a journey!!! I started out roaming the streets of the City and got a ticket for being a Vagrant … That landed me in NYC ACC as a stray. I was put through a bunch of examinations and I was scared and certainly didn’t want to be there, so I mostly hid in a corner and hoped no one would notice me. That put me at great risk and I was placed on the dreaded “To Be Destroyed” list! There had been others before me and I heard, through the Bark Vine, that I didn’t have much longer to live… Every Human that came my way I was scared of. Was this my time? I became more and more afraid. Then I heard that someone wanted me and with the help of many others I would be moving to the Country! Whatever that was?

See I am a very young little Boy. Maybe at the most 2 but I really can’t remember. My Foster Mom met me in Albany NY and brought me all kinds of treats, collars and even three crates. The nice Lady that took me for the long ride up to Albany let me listen to music and I was losing all my fears. So after a stop at the local tree, I piled into the car and rode all the way to Shushan in the front seat. When I got there, I met my new family members and they told me they would help show me the ropes. I now look at my collar and leash, as private time with my special Human. My Human thinks I may have known this all the time.

Nothing is better than a little belly rub and I love to give little kisses. I will snuggle with you on your couch and fall asleep in your arms. I sleep all night in my Sleeper Crate and don’t mind at all. I am really doing great with my house manners. My Foster Brothers told me that the Humans really rather you use the outdoors so I am! I have just found the toy box and love to carry around the chew toys but I will drop it in a minute for a cookie!!

My Humans say I have wonderful table manners. I don’t grab the cookie from your hand nor do I care if you need to pick up my bowl before I am done. My Foster Mom says I need to eat just my food but my Foster Dad slips me some from his snacks. I am a little skinny but we are working on that…

I am looking for a Forever Family, not sure what that is, but they tell me it is wonderful! My favorite things would be lots of snuggle time and I am not too particular whose lap it is. Car rides would be great too! I enjoy my afternoon nap but could easily follow you out for a little gardening.. Mostly I want to be with you and follow you were ever you go!

Can you find a place in your heart for me? I am really a sweet little Boy and ready to take that new adventure on. Please be my Forever Family!

For additional photos, please visit Ernesto’s Facebook page or contact us for information or fill out an online application. And thanks for caring about this really special dog!