Phoenix, MD

Hey guys and gals!

Anyone looking for a roommate? I won’t have loud parties, will pay the bills in cuteness and love, and won’t eat the last slice of pizza. Even though I’ll really want to. Everyone loves pizza. Ok, maybe we can share it.

My name is FRANK, I’m a dude dog and yes, I am EXTREMELY cute! I likes my toys, sleeping in your bed, will let you take my toys and food and am pretty good around lady dogs. I’m new to the scene but if the awesome people at the rescue group like me then you know I’m all that and then some.

I know you guys are getting ready to relax this weekend but I am looking for a home ASAP and most importantly forever. We’re a FULL house over here and some R&R with you would be awesome. The cool people at the rescue group want you to know that “Beautiful Frank was found tied to a building, emaciated, though he has put on weight now. We love Frank and one thing people should know is that he is hearing impaired. That means he can get startled, due to his previous owner not working with him on this and all he needs is some cues and guidance. That doesn’t stop him from being a dog you could love forever.”

Well that was nice! And it’s true. Clearly I had a mean person try to bring me down but I overcame all that because I know my forever family is out there. I don’t and won’t let being deaf stop me, I just need a human who knows how to teach me things, us dogs are pretty good listeners as you know. Actually we are awesome listeners! So watch my video, look around your house and realize “This place could use Frank!”, I can’t wait to meet you for foster and hopefully forever. Love ya, Frank

Frank has a sponsor who will cover his foster expenses and adoption fee. We are looking for a kind soul who is experienced with hearing impaired dogs who can work with Frank and give him the guidance and TLC he so deserves.

Watch Frank’s Video:

For additional photos, please visit Frank’s Facebook page or contact us for information or fill out an online application. And thanks for caring about this really special dog!