Effort, PA – Freckles (formerly Shere Kahn) – 2 y/o, 75 lb Male Dogo Argentino    Effort, PA

“As you might tell by my beautiful soft white hair, I’m a Dogo Argentino mix. I’m almost translucent in that you can see all my ‘freckles’ – which is how I got my new name!

Although someone cropped my ears short, don’t be intimidated by that because I’m super sweet, calm and loving. I’m a curious guy, not hyper, but I’m told I’m really smart and inquisitive.

I like to know my surroundings and I do very well walking on a leash with you. I listen well and will ‘wait’ for you to walk side by side. Because you’re my favorite, and I just love to be next to you. I just need someone strong, in case I get excited by something I see, to get me back to focus again.

And inside, I’ll be by your side to follow you around the house to see what you’re up to. I like to put my head in your lap for some head rubs too or sleep at your feet. I love to cuddle next to you, so I’d like someone that will let me on the couch preferably. I’m a very gentle lap dog, even for my size (I’m a stocky guy at 75lbs, but you won’t even notice me there!).

I’d love to sleep in your nice big bed too, but if I must, I’ll sleep in my doggy bed next to you instead. I’m sad when you leave, don’t leave me too long, and no need to crate me. I’ll pretty much just sleep all day, I won’t chew anything and I’m fully housetrained.

Just leave me a nice big bone to keep busy, I like those. And I’ll be so happy when you get home, I’ll grab a bone or toy to parade around the house with for you to see. I may jump in my excitement to see you again, but just let me know nicely and I’ll stop. No need to ever yell either, I promise I’m such a good boy that you won’t have to (but loud noises make me nervous). Not sure about those thunderstorms, we haven’t had one of those yet.

As far as other dogs, I’d rather just keep to myself or have you all to myself instead, too. The furry little lady that meows, gets me excited, since I’ve never seen one before, but I’m learning she’s a cat. As long as she doesn’t run, I don’t need to play chase!

New people coming over are great though, I always love a new person to pay attention to me. If you want to be my new person, I would be forever grateful and love and protect you!”

Love, kisses, and tail wags,

*** NOTE: Freckles may be placed in a home without other dogs; older/calm cats that don’t run at the sight of a dog are ok. ***

Freckles is neutered, microchipped and up to date on his shots.

For additional photos, please visit Freckles’s Facebook page or contact us for information or fill out an online application. And thanks for caring about this really special dog!