A volunteer writes:

Words cannot capture his special soul nor pictures do justice to his beauty, you’ll simply have to discover our rising young star for yourself.

Gary Oldman, 33lbs, 1 year & a half isn’t a name usually associated with warm fuzzy feelings but just wait until you meet this handsome little cuddlebug!

Hugs, snuggles, petting and smooches are his weapons of choice and he’s out to steal as many hearts (and treats) as possible! Gary is an adorable bundle of pure puppy love, a bit timid at first but still keen to make friends and after an exchange of tasty biscuits for gentle snuffles he’s fine with being picked up and carried in my arms like a baby.

Out in the yard he scampers around with happy abandon; meeting doggie pals through the fence, coming when called, sitting on command and taking food very eagerly from my hand. No one wants more love or gives more love than Gary and his heart craves the affection and security of my arms almost as much as his undernourished body craves food.

For additional photos, please visit Gary Oldman’s Facebook page or contact us for information or fill out an online application. And thanks for caring about this cuddle bug!!