Gregory – 4 y/o, 60 lb. Oreo Cookie Pit Mix Sweeheart! Likes other Dogs!

Buffalo, NY – How do you spell fun? G-r-e-g-o-r-y! This sweet “oreo cookie” acts like he doesn’t have a care in the world and if it weren’t for his limping walk you’d never guess he was suffering from a leg injury.

This 58 lb. American Staffordshire Terrier Mix leaps, he bounds, he pulls on the leash and chases a ball with all the playful abandon of a puppy! He’s clearly had some training as he takes care of his business promptly, comes when called and mouths treats gently from my fingers.

Greg is a real character and if you’ve been searching for a pet with a larger-than-life personality, a generous heart and the face of an angel then look no further.

Greg loves to be the center of attention and as soon as I let him off leash he follows me to the bench and hops his front paws onto my lap for some loving, perfectly happy to let me pet him all over (including his sore leg) and especially enjoying a good butt rub as his handsome face breaks into a big ol’ smile of pure bliss.

Fellow dogs are met with enthusiastic friendship and tail wags and he’s eager to get close to the hallway cats too, though whether as friend or foe it’s hard to tell.

Gregory is neutered, up to date on shots, microchipped and is so looking forward to meeting his new human….could that be you?

For additional photos, please visit Gregory’s Facebook page or contact us for information or fill out an online application. And thanks for caring about this really special dog!