With the support of our many fosters, adopters, donors, volunteers, and dedicated cross-posters, AmsterDog is able to save the lives of hundreds of animals in need each year. Here are just a few “happy tails” from the lives you’ve helped to positively impact!

Tebo & Livie

“We had recently lost our dog a few months before and our house was so quiet. It just didn’t feel right. But then, we heard about Livia, who was rescued from the shelter by AmsterDog and in foster care. The first day her, she licked my face and I knew it was meant to be. When she came home, she was so curious –  she loved sniffing everything and seeing what life was all about. From the very first day, she always gave hugs and kisses. As much as we saved Livia’s life, she saved ours. She made our house a home again. She had such an impact on our lives that we decided to rescue Tebo who just so happened to look identical to Livia! It definitely took Tebo a few months before he realized that he was rescued. Once he did, his whole life changed. He learned to catch treats and give paw, and he loves to play with his toys even if Livia doesn’t want to join in. He loves to cuddle and sometimes he can’t get close enough. He will lay in your arms like a big baby for hours and enjoys every minute of it! There is no doubt in my mind that these two were meant to be together. Now my house really is a home!” -Kory M.


“Dotty was a senior with severe skin allergies who found herself on the at-risk list at the shelter. Thank you to AmsterDog for bringing us together – I literally love every little square inch of this meatball. She’s the best dog I could ever had asked for! I just can not explain the bond we have; she’s truly amazing. She definitely has come out of her shell since we’ve gotten her skin condition to improve. This little girl is my everything, and I the same to her.” – Erica P.




“About 3 years ago, we took in this sweet little girl, Paisley, who was saved by AmsterDog. She looked only marginally better than the emaciated scrawny pup when we picked her up. From that pup whose head was hanging to the happy pup she is on morning walks with me…I love this little girl… she’s part of our hearts.” -Diana M.




“It was 4 years ago that my Roscoe took the long drive from NYC to be part of our family. Never did I expect him to become such an important being in my life – he’s my daughters protector and best buddy, and to me, he’s been my comfort, my confidant, my company in darkest times. I am so thankful to AmsterDog for giving me the gift of a lifetime. You are awesome, keep up the good work!” – Melody Z.




“How this beautiful soul is already 7 years old is beyond me… some days it feels like she’s still a puppy while somehow feeling like she’s always been a part of our lives. I am grateful for everything she is and all she brings to our lives especially the love she’s taught our daughter to feel for all animals. Today will bring more spoiling, a trip to the pet store, and another big fresh dinner!” -Holland L.


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