ht-danni-01Hi, my name is Danni, or Danielle, as I am often called. I am a white and brown Staffordshire American PitBull mix. I am about 2 years old. I have hazel eyes, a brown nose, and really short ears. I weigh 47 pounds. My favorite toy right now is my ball and a green squeaky toy. I have been at my forever home for 10 weeks now. I like milkbone treats, but my favorite treat is a meaty lamb treat I only get when I am training-they are yummy!! My mom says my best qualities are that I am friendly to everyone I meet and VERY loyal to her. I never leave her side when she is home. I have an older sister, Jesse, who is a Border Collie, she is 11 and a brother, Boo, he is 15 and a fat cat, hahaha!

I don’t remember the beginning of my life, but someone must have loved me. I knew how to sit and stay. I loved to play with toys….maybe someone played with me. Somehow I ended up on a street corner in Queens, NY as a stray. Animal Control picked me up on May 18th , 2010 and my new home was a shelter…

ht-danni-02I was now a Death Row Dog, not good!! They don’t let us stay too long because shelters are so crowded. So we have euthanasia dates to make room for others. Some people from Amsterdog Rescue Inc., come in to try and save as many of us as they can. The day they came in, I was just sitting in my cage playing with my toy they gave me. All the dogs were barking and very frantic, as we all should be it’s scary, and lonely in there. But I kept occupying myself with my toy and didn’t bark. My Rescue Mom, Deb, said that is what made them want to give me another chance. I was calm and cool. Miss Independent amongst all the commotion. Next thing I know, I was sprung from jail and on my way to a better life.

By the end of May I had passed my Temperment Test with a “No Concerns”, which is the highest score a dog can get. That means I am a friendly girl, far from the “killer” that PitBulls are made out to be. I was taken to a doctor, spayed, got my shots, micro-chipped. Oh yes, and got a new name. The shelter called me KOMAKI. I don’t know what that means, but my Rescue Family re-named me Danni, thank goodness!!

Danni Happy TailMy Rescue Mom, Deb, has lots of friends that help her take care of us. I got a Foster Mom, Gail. I moved to her house in North Jersey with her family until I found a forever home. Gail had some dogs of her own and other Foster Dogs, so I had lots of friends. She said that I was very good with her friend’s grandchildren and they would jump all over me And I always put a smile on her husband’s face after a long, hard day at work. She loved me so much, she almost kept me.

Now, this lady, Dawn, wants to adopt a dog. She is introduced to Deb, and Deb recommends me!!! My new mom gets some pictures of me and makes arrangements to meet me. All of a sudden, plans change and I was on my way to my new mom’s house, without even seeing each other. She said a picture was all she needed. (The pic that was all Dawn needed to say yes to taking Danni, is attached to this note.)