fenway-1Fenway, formerly Silverback, was so distraught at being dumped at the shelter that he was said to be “emotionally shut-down” and could not be evaluated or coaxed out of his kennel. and being determined “unadoptable”, ended up on death row.

This story broke our heart and caught the attention of one amazing couple from MA who were so determined to save him, they drove all the way to NYC to pick him up!

fenway-2But Silverback could not leave the shelter without being neutered first and so, unfazed, they drove all the way back the very next day to get him after his neuter! Since being released from prison, Silverback, now called FENWAY, is a completely different dog and is loving, playful and happy.

We couldn’t be more happy that this little guy has new life at the age of five. Thank you Marita and Arthur!