ryley-01Ryley (aka LISA) is doing wonderful! She is so much a part of our family, it’s hard to imagine how our life was without her. She is learning so much and is such a joy. Bailey (our other dog) and Ryley get along so well, the first night with her home they were snuggling together.

She loves going for walks (still learning to walk without pulling) so on the positive side my arms are getting a work out. Lol. She loves jumping, running, playing in the yard and sleeping with my grandson Peyton.  She is just amazing with him and other children ( so much for the stereo type of the bad pit bull).

ryley-02I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do for all these wonderful animals there really are no words for me to express how much I admire what you do.

I also want to tell you what a joy it has also been for myself to have met with Nina, Ryley’s foster mom. Without her, Lisa/Ryley would not have been saved. I feel like I have a new angel in my family, and I try to email or send pictures at least once a week to her. It is also a special person who can open her home and be bonded with them and keep them safe until there forever home is found.

I am truly grateful to both of you for allowing Ryley to be apart of my family.

Thank you again,