From Uno’s new Mom:

uno-01Just got Bruno home 🙂 Would like to call him Uno, shelter says he was the first rescue of 2014 and on New Year’s Day so the name seems appropriate and friendlier.

Have introduced him one at a time to all of my dogs, he shows no aggression, tails are all wagging, normal butt sniffing. He sits and gives paw on command. I have been given pain meds for him for the next 3 days and doxy for the kennel cough. I gave him both as soon as we got home. He has not barked once yet..

Lovable and playful, a tough player though, as most pits seem to be. He is still coughing slightly but not bad, doesn’t seem to have any nasal discharge. Seems house broken as well, he went to mark one spot and I told him no, he stopped and went to the door.

uno-2He’s a really good dog, so far so good 🙂 Thank you for helping me save him !!

I have posted freedom pics on FB on my page and I will email them to you.

Happy New Year!