Hi Everyone,

My name is Hercules, a fitting name for such a strapping boy as myself, but to be honest, I am nothing like the legendary hero! I am a pretty laid back guy. Rather than go out and slay beasts, I would much rather cuddle up next to you on a soft sofa and cuddle up! I do have an adventuresome side to me though! I’ll be a great hiking or running buddy, I don’t mind going out for a quick jaunt in the rain to take care of business, and hey- I like hanging around with kids, too!

I used to live in the city, where I lived with pet owners who had personal problems. They think THEY had problems. I REALLY had problems once I got sick… That almost got me killed.

Fortunately a nice lady saw my plight and agreed to take me in for a spell until I could find a forever home! Once a city slicker, now I am enjoying the sunshine and fresh air life in the suburbs has to offer.

I’m flexible though! City, suburbs, or country, I don’t care, I’d be happy just about anywhere there is someone to snuggle up with on a cozy couch and watch TV ( I LOVE TV!!) Oh- and of course, I love all people, big and small- I will prove it by giving you lots of my wet, schmooshy kisses

My foster mom says I am very polite, mild mannered, calm and gentle, and I am well behaved when home alone. I’m told those are good things for a guy like me to be. I know it isn’t nice to jump on people, and I definitely know it isn’t nice to go potty inside the house, I always go outside! I don’t care much for the company of other dogs or cats, I prefer to be an only four-legged family member, but I might do ok with another well-mannered dog as long as we are introduced properly.

My foster mom also calls me “perfection” and absolutely beautiful in my striking grey coat. Just one look, and you will fall hard for me! I am really ready to go on my next life-long adventure, will it be with you?
Please ask about me today!
♥ Hercules

Hercules is neutered, up to date on vaccines, and microchipped!

For additional photos, please visit Hercules’ Facebook page or contact us for information or fill out an online application. And thanks for caring about this really special dog!