HODOR! 1 y.o., 43 lb smooshy faced pit x- needs 4-ever home!

New Ipswich, NH – Meet Hodor, an adorable shmooshy-faced death row survivor from the Manhattan ACC, a city boy, who is now enjoying the quiet calm of country living in southern New Hampshire. He was a popular guy during his stint at the shelter. Here is what one of the volunteers had to say about him~

“If this cute little impish face doesn’t make you smile, then I don’t know what will! 100% adorable with his tail waggy, friendly, sweet personality, Hodor loves to meet new people, and a stranger is only someone he’s known for a nanosecond before moving into the friends category.”

Here is what his new foster mom has to say about him~

“Hodor is a young sweet 1 yr. old 40lb love bug. He loves to snuggle and is eager to please and learn. He wiggles his butt so hard when he sees people. Why anyone would leave this boy tied to a fence and abandon him we don’t know.

He has no problem allowing people to take his toys or handle his food. He just loves attention and affection. He is gated in the kitchen while he is being housebroken. That is coming along well with fewer accidents. He plays quietly with his toys or sleeps in his bed.

He has so much love to give and would love a family of his own.”

Hodor will require slow, supervised introductions with other dogs in a potential adoptive home.

Please inquire about adorable little Hodor today!


Hodor is scheduled to be neutered soon, is vaccinated and microchipped.

For additional photos, please visit Hodor’s Facebook page or contact us for information or fill out an online application. And thanks for caring about this really special dog!