Stuyvesant, NY

“Hi… my name is Jamie! I am a 3 y/o, 55 lb. German Shepherd Pit Mix.

My foster family saved me from the nycacc and they think I am a very good boy – I am housebroken, I can sit when you tell me and I’m starting to learn other commands such as “give” and “stay/stop”.

I am also good in a crate but I’m so well behave in the home, I’m told I really don’t ‘need’ to be in one.

I love people. I can’t get enough affection and love. If you sit down, I’ll sit right next to you and snuggle up to you in hopes you will rub my head, and well, just everywhere. I will even roll on my back for tummy rubs. My foster Mom thinks it’s funny because I kick my leg when she tickles me.

I like to chase my tail and when you throw the ball or rope I will get it and bring it back for you to throw it again. I also like to play tug of war with the rope but I’m pretty careful to never pull too hard – I haven’t ever knocked down my 4 year old human foster sibling! Speaking of which – did I mention how much I like playing with kids? I’m mindful of how I grab my toys when playing with them.

I am pretty respectful and low key for a young boy. I don’t scarf my food down and I don’t bite or growl if you take things from me.

And I also love playing with other dogs! I can tell you that in the shelter the staff wrote that I was, ‘social, engaging in running play with males and females in a large group of dogs and respectful of dogs who are uncomfortable with interaction.’

I’m ready for my forever home now. As much as I love my foster people, I know they can’t keep me and I’m ready to have a family to call my own!

I promise to give you lots and lots of kisses and unconditional love.

Would you adopt me… please?”

Love, kissed, and tail wags,

For additional photos, please visit Jamie’s Facebook page or contact us for information or fill out an online application. And thanks for caring about this really special dog!