My name is Jazmine. I am a 2 year old pitbull mix. I am a beautiful Carmel Queen that loves to be spoiled!

I love walks so if you have a yard I will never do my business on it!! I only like to go where I don’t play…that’s gross. I like to have my feet clean thank you. Just the city girl in me I guess…

I love new smells and trying to find what I smelled. I may take you with me to find it but my foster parents are trying to train me so that I don’t pull so much when excited.

I am very strong willed and if I like you I love to give you kisses and hugs. I enjoy being very close to one person.

I will keep you safe and protected as long as you do the same for me!

I am working on a lot of things at moment and I realized something, shhhhh….don’t tell anyone but I prefer an Alpha personality. My foster mom is cool because I get treats from her but I bonded with my foster dad a little better. So maybe I need to be with an Alpha male if possible.

Hopefully you are strong and active because I love to play fetch!!!! So throw the ball as far as you can and I will get it and bring it back to you as long as you throw it again and again and again and…well I like fetch a lot!!!!

Treats are the way to my heart!!! If you give me treats of course ask for my paw or uppies, this is where I sit on my behind and look like a ground hog, I will love you more and more and ….give me more treats…I mean, I will kiss you?

I have been to the doctor and have been spayed, micro chipped, and I have gotten all my shots!!!

I do have to let you know though, I do have an issue with my heart…I know I’m only 2 years old but my Doctor says it happens. My foster parents are taking good care of me and I don’t need medicine now however there is a possibility I may some day.

My foster parents can tell you more about that if you’d like this caramel Queen to rule your house!

So, my single male friends, ask about me!

Jazmine is up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, spayed and ready to go!

For additional photos, please visit Jazmine’s Facebook page or contact us for information or fill out an online application. And thanks for caring about this really special dog!