Jesse – 5 y/o, 46 lb. Super Smart & Active Lab/Border Collie Mix Needs Patient Family

Wayne (Philly suburbs), PA – Jesse is a 5 year old 46 lb. Labrador/Border Collie Mix who is house broken, crate trained, extremely intelligent, active, and well-behaved.

A very smart and well-behaved boy who knows quite a few commands, Jesse does have some fear and trust-related issues and therefore will need an experienced home with assertive and patient leaders, who are physically active, preferably with a fenced yard or similar suburban or rural setting. See important notes from foster family below regarding the ideal forever home for Jesse.

From Jesse’s devoted foster mom:

Jesse is very sweet, but needs patience and respect for his need to take things slowly so he needs a special home where people can give him time to trust and not rush things. He is very athletic and loves walks and to play fetch so he would be a great companion for jogging, running or hiking. He would do excellent in agility. He is good on a leash and knows the commands “Sit, Stay, Give Paw, Down and Roll Over”. He knows a few tricks and he will sit and wait for you to say “okay” for him to eat. Jesse is not a chewer; he only chews his bones and takes treats very politely from your hand. He is not a counter-surfer and will not take anything he is not supposed to. He has been in the presence of large and small dogs and, although he was never exposed to one in my home, I don’t think he would be aggressive with house cats. He is tolerant of other dogs but he prefers to be a loner; if a dog approaches him, he will complain and then move away. I would not recommend him to be placed in a house with another active large male dog. Jesse was abused and has trusting issues so, although he warms up very fast, he needs an assertive person that will take time and will work to gain his complete trust. Although he does not like to be grabbed, Jesse IS very sweet and likes to cuddle. He does not like strangers moving too fast close to his head and he will bite if that happens. For that reason Jesse would be best if placed in a house with large yard and in a suburban area where he would not have much contact with many strangers. He is not a dog to be brought to human gatherings. On walks, he is fine because he does not pay attention to other people or dogs when walking. A house in the suburbs with a big yard, without children younger than 10 years of age, and somebody that does not have people visiting all the time and does not entertain would be the best environment for him.

Jesse is neutered, microchipped, and up to date on all shots.

For additional photos, please visit Jesse’s Facebook page or contact us for information or fill out an online application. And thank you for caring about a pet in need!