IN BOARDING! KANE urgently needs foster of adoptive home!

Glenside, PA: Golden Retriever/Chow Mix, 9yo, 69 lbs

Hey guys!

You know those awesome all-inclusive vacation packages that include everything? Well I’m the doggie version of that! Love, fun, smart, good manners and you’re new best friend.

My name is Kane and I am a big ball of beautiful doggie love. I’m a little bummed right now because I lived with a whole family of my own and even my previous owner says amazing things about me. “Kane is a gentle giant. He has lived with kids–including a newborn– and a cat and never has an accident.” My boarding place says “I’m great with other female dogs of other sizes and neutered males. He is sweet yet independent.”

I know it’s not good manners to brag but everyone is saying I’m such a great dog and guess what? I am. You should see me on a leash! I’ve got skills! But my owner was having something humans call “issues” and even though he loved me had to give me up. He knew I deserved a forever family that could take care of me and even though I miss them and he dropped me off at the shelter I know it means my real forever family is out there. And I bet you’re reading this right now saying “That’s me!”

So put on those things humans put on your feet, grab that thing that holds all those plastic cards you use to buy doggie treats and come get me now. I’ve got all the love and great doggie looks waiting for you! Please inquire about me today!

For additional photos, please visit Kane’s Facebook page or contact us for information or fill out an online application. And thanks for caring about this really special dog!