New Jersey ~ Are you ready to have some fun? Then allow KD (I’m gonna guess that stands for Kissable Dude) to lead the way! No one does joie de vivre quite like this 71 pound mushball and you haven’t really appreciated the world and its many human and canine friends until you’ve seen them through KD’s eyes…the sweet, caramel-colored eyes of luuuuve!

Like an overgrown puppy he bounds through life with a happy tail and nothing but good humor for everyone he meets, male or female, large or small. KD greets other dogs with butt waggles and play-bows. As you’d expect, this lovable meathead is a strong and enthusiastic walker but he’s also very responsive and there’s no better feeling than complimenting him as we make our way down the street and having his big, cheesy grin turned my way.

– yes KD, you are a good boy indeed! He seems to be extremely house trained, taking care of all his business immediately, and though he’s clearly been taught to ‘beg’ for treats KD also sits politely on command before mouthing them ever so gently from my hand.

This handsome hunk is with a foster in NJ waiting for the active, experienced home he’s always dreamed of – preferably one with another doggie sibling (or two!) to share in the fun and games he’s sure to instigate. Don’t miss the once in a lifetime chance to rock’n’roll with your very own Kissable Dude – ask to meet KD today!

KD stands out. He is young and gorgeous, very lively and good with dogs, very welcoming of them like he is with people. He is VERY affectionate, loves the lap and is a great kisser. he is a real, healthy looking beauty, beautifully built and well groomed. An amazing dog!!!

For additional photos, visit KD’s Facebook page or contact us for information or fill out an online application.