KENNEDY ~ 3 y/o, 65lb Pittie Mix – Good With Dogs & Older Kids

Southbridge MA –

“Hi, I’m Kennedy, a 3 y/o, 65lb tan pittie mix who was saved from death row at the nycacc.

My foster family has nicknamed me ‘Kenny’ for short and I would love a nice quiet home with or without other dogs. I get along great with my doggie foster brother but he’s the biggest push over ever! I just started letting him share the doggy bed I stole from him on my first day here.

I’ve played with a bunch of different dogs, I prefer off leash introductions through a baby gate but I’m getting better at walking by strange dogs from a distance and not getting too excited. I can also play with dogs while I’m on leash if they’re not making a big fuss and I can get closer gradually.

When I first got out of the shelter I was skinny and full of worms so when I get something like food, a bone, or chew toy, I don’t want anyone taking it from me unless they’ve got something cool to trade. My foster parents have been working on me a lot with ‘resource guarding’, but I would prefer to be left alone to eat.

I don’t mind kids – I’ll be good and let them pet me but they have to be old enough to know not to take things away from me or run around screaming because it makes me nervous. I let you know when I’m nervous by licking my lips/nose or whining, and – just to impress you with how smart I am – I even let you know when I need to go outside by touching the jingle bells on the door knob! Speaking of house training, I’m great at that – I’ve never had an accident in my crate while my foster family is at work!

I’m well behaved and can be trusted – if my foster family goes out for a few hours, I don’t chew their shoes or raid the trash can!

I’ve been told I have a great amount of energy, I’m playful and fun but love to cuddle.

I do get a little nervous in new situations and don’t like being forced to do anything but with someone to train me and continue building my confidence, I promise I’ll be a fantastic and loyal family pet!

Love, licks and tail wags,

Kennedy (aka Kenny) <3


Kennedy is neutered, microchipped, and up-to-date on vaccines.

For photos, please visit Kennedy’s Facebook page.

Contact us for information or fill out an online application.
And thanks for caring about this really special dog!