Hi there!

Are you looking for a lovable, snuggle bug, eager to please and very energetic friend? I am your man!

I love to walk, run and play tug and fetch! (Just not in the mornings-I’m not a morning kinda guy) I am a 3 year old white and tan pit bull/ lab mix who was saved from death row in the nick of time, thanks to my foster mom!

I don’t really like to be alone, but if I am, I’m pretty content with some sunshine and a kong or bone.

Evenings are my play time! And boy do I love to play! Running and fetch are so exciting! Throw in a tug rope or a knotted towel and I’ll go nuts! Plan to play for awhile because I just can’t get enough!

I also play nicely on my own. A tough ball and my foster mom just loves to watch me roll it around. I also love the little squeakers inside of toys, they are really cool. I squeak them like crazy with my feet and throw them in the air. It must be funny because it makes everyone smile.

Cuddling up on the couch with my head in your lap for a nice back scratch is my most favorite late night time activity.

When you come home for the day I’m so excited to greet you but I am able to control my excitement and sit nice.

I LOVE kids to pieces but I play really rough so it’s best if kids are over 12 and ready to play rough.

When I am walking on my leash I am a good boy. I meet new people and dogs out around town, I do ok. I am so eager to play with the other dogs I jump right in! Sometimes they aren’t sure how to take me.

I’m not sure about some new people and I’m not sure how to act, I tend to get excited and jump and get mouthy-but I am learning to sit and be patient, carrying a tennis ball really helps.

I also love car rides, sticking my head out the window is a must!

I am a sweet boy with a lively spirit and zest for life-If you think I can be your King-I’d love to meet you. By the way, I am neutered, up to date on shots and microchipped too.

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