Maple Shade, NJ

“Hi, I’m Koosh ‘the mush’! I earned that nickname by being a laid back kind of guy who loves to just chill out and cuddle.

My foster parents say I’m a couch potato as you can see from my photos, and they say I’m just a big ol’ mush! I *love* to cuddle up any place that is soft and cozy…. whether it be a dog bed, my crate with lots of blankets, a laundry basket, or my foster parents’ bed (hehehe). Basically, if it’s fluffy, I love to curl up in it!

I enjoy cuddling up with my foster dog-siblings, too, although I really prefer the little one since I like to be in charge. Not too fond of cats, though, since they like to run and dart around which makes me want to chase them and I’m told that’s not a good thing. I’m okay with any pup that is happy to let me be ‘the boss’ in charge of the dog pack.

I walk great on my leash and don’t try to pull – I prefer to just relax and enjoy the scenery of a nice stroll through the neighborhood with my entire foster family. I love to cuddle and give affection, and I know my commands, such as sit, stay, and give paw! I’m told I listen pretty well, too!

And, do you see how tolerant I am? I even let my foster parents dress me up in sweaters, cute hats, and even a costume for Halloween! But, seriously – what could be cuter than these great piggy ears I have?

I’m crate trained and prefer to be in my crate when no one is home because it makes me feel safe and secure, but at night I really enjoy my cozy bed and cuddling with my foster dog-siblings. I do like to eat my meals separate so I can relax and enjoy my food. And, truth be told, I can be a little possessive of my toys so for that reason, I’m told that a home without small children or other ‘alpha’ dogs would be best for me.

I was saved from the nycacc in October, and now I’m patiently waiting for my forever couch! So, if you’re looking for a new four-legged family member that is low key and just a big mush, then I’m your guy!”

Koosh “the Mush”

* NOTE: Koosh is great with small dogs and tolerant of larger dogs who are “submissive” (non-alpha personality).

For additional photos, please visit Koosh’ Facebook page or contact us for information or fill out an online application. And thanks for caring about this really special dog!