Lola~Lovely Pittie Looking for a Home!

Blairstown, New Jersey

Hola, my name is Lola and I’d like to get to know ya!

I am a 5 year old playful pit-bull mix! I listen very well and sit when you tell me, I also give paw, and I can lay when you tell me too! I am crate trained and pee and poop outside….did I tell you I like it out side, it’s fun and there are so many smells!

I am from the city, and now live in the country. I can adapt anywhere as long as you love me!

I like to cuddle and curl up right next to you…I like other dogs and can curl up with them too!!! They are fun to play tag with!

I am very good but sometimes I get too excited I don’t know my boundaries. I might knock into you but it’s only to let you know I am comfortable with you!

I’m pretty popular, most people like me or love me, cause I’m cute and I like just about everyone.

I love squeaky toys and chew bones and all you have to say is “drop it” and it’s yours I just hope you throw it for me or give it back but sometimes I forget all about it….squirrel!!!!

Oh sorry, I also love walks and runs…I love my belly rubbed too! I’ll even flip right over to show it to you.

No one really knows my story…I know I had puppies at least once and I was somehow sent to this place that was going to kill me… Did I mention I was abused so if you raise your hand I quiver but I will still love you and kiss you no matter what! ….Back to my story, I was about to be killed and then these 2 people came to Brooklyn with treats and a new collar and leash for me! I gave them kisses as soon as I saw them cause I knew they saved me.

I was a little sick with kennel cough but they helped me get better and now I am ready for my new home!

Oh yeah, I was also spayed and I got some type of chip in me so you can find me if anything should happen but I’m a pretty good listener so hopefully I’ll come right back!!! I also got a lot of shots, my humans say I’m up to date….whatever that means.

So, if you’re out there, and you’re looking for a dog like me…come get me!  I’m ready with hugs and lots of kisses!!!!

For additional photos, please visit Lola’s Facebook page or contact us for information or fill out an online application. And thanks for caring about this really special dog!