Westchester, NY – Lucky is an 8 year old, 50 lb. German Shepherd / Lab mix, who was a volunteer favorite when he was on death row at the nycacc.

A shelter volunteer wrote:

“Some dogs stand out by their beauty or their behavior, others because we just fall in love with them and we cannot really explain why. Lucky, a middle age Lab/Shepie falls into the second category.

He is cute, and despite his white muzzle and eyebrows, his cloudy eyes, looks quite dandy. He wears a scarf or a tie very handsomely and I can really call him a gentleman. Lucky can usually be found laying peacefully at his door, hugging tenderly his blanket and waiting for an owner who never came back for him. He seems so sad, lost; but keeps afloat despite all those days spent in a kennel here.

He is my very special pooch… I can say that we are friends. I love his serious and stoic look and I so would love to get, one day, a smile. That will only happen if Lucky really gets lucky and his chance to have a home to call his own and a master who will truly love, care for, stand by and respect him.

Lucky is a good walker and is very much house trained. He sits on command and for food, of course. He enjoys caresses and to just sit calmly at my feet or by my side like he was my own and loyal dog. Lucky and I are dreaming of a better life for him. He is a nice dog, still up and about, loving, and who would make a very faithful and wonderful friend to a mature owner.”

Since leaving the nycacc, he is thriving in his foster home. His foster parents tell us that he is “the sweetest, most docile dog on the planet and that everyone he meets is instantly smitten with him”. And, he gets along just fine with the other pooch in the home – a social female pittie!

Lucky is indeed lucky to be so loved and cared for by his doting foster parents and we know that he will be the perfect dog for anyone looking for a sweet family companion.

For additional photos, please visit Lucky’s Facebook page or contact us for information or fill out an online application. And thanks for caring about this really special dog!