Max, a one year old Red & White Amer. Pit Bull terrier, was saved by a 21 year old Angel who took him in from a stranger who begged her to help rehome his dog. As much as she would like to keep him, her landlord says no. Max is exceptionally sweet, loving and adoptable. He’s great with other dogs and children over 10. If you can foster or adopt this great dog, please contact AmsterDog.

From his foster mom:

“Here is a little bit about Max: I took him in so he could escape the shelter. His owner was to find him a home and didn’t, and while I was fostering him, fell in love. I’m absolutely heartbroken about giving him up, but can’t find an apartment I can afford that will allow me to have a pit. I am struggling to find a no- kill shelter with room for him and I promised my landlord he would be gone today. She will start eviction proceedings if I keep him any longer. I can’t keep myself together because he is such a great dog and I hate to see him go. He has been with me since November of last year right after his 1st birthday. He is an extremely playful and energetic dog. On the flip side he will snuggle you right to sleep. He sleeps right by my side with his head on my pillow. He hates the crate after being traumatized at the shelter he was at briefly before I got him.

He always has to be next to me. We watch Pitbulls and Parolees and he stares at the TV at all the dogs. I have a cat that he tries to play with but she (the cat) is very skiddish. As far as dogs, he is great with my yorkie. We enjoy taking car rides and stopping for ice cream. His favorite is a vanilla cone.”

Max is neutered, up to date on shots, healthy and happy.

For additional photos, please visit Max’s Facebook page or contact us for information or fill out an online application. And thanks for caring about this really special dog!