Shrewsbury, NJ – “From the moment Mimi got in my truck, she was with me 100%. No looking back. She was looking ahead and was happy to come to our home. She travels well in a vehicle, not barking at anyone and just happy to sniff the air through the cracked window and stretch out in the back or sit up next to you in the front. Once home and secluded in a bedroom, as she still had kennel cough and we have two rescues already, I got to spend a lot of time with Mimi one-on-one.

This is not the “Brooklyn ACC Mimi” who somehow survived a staggering six times on the At Risk list, any more. She’s not scared or timid. She is eager to please, eager to love and eager to get love in return. Her big beautiful brown eyes are sharp and alert, not sad, anymore. She loves to eat. She’s gained 3 pounds maybe more already since she’s out of the shelter between her Temp Foster. She will now gain the weight she needs to so she can fill out a bit. Loves her treats! Loves real chicken, cheese and other proteins. She loves playtime and from balls to kongs to rope toys to tug toys she loves to chase them, play tug with you and amuse herself with them if no one else is around to play. It’s hard to believe she’s 7 years old. She runs like the wind when she’s outside playing ball! She’s very strong and has lots of energy but loves to relax and watch TV, too. Observed by a professional trainer at her Vet visit she said she had a great attention span and was very trainable if one chose to do more with her. She knows “sit” and she knows “no.” She knows her name. I’ve been teaching her “stay.” Her heart and lungs were pronounced strong by the Vet. She is house-trained to the max and can go at 9pm and not have to go again till 9am the next day if she has to.

She walks beautifully on a leash never pulling me once when on a real walk. Of course there are times she needs to stop and sniff. She’s all business when it comes to potty, especially when it’s raining! She’s done in a flash and then on a nice day happy to go for a walk or back inside to snuggle. And what a snuggler supreme and a girl with kisses to give! She loves to curl up against me when it’s bedtime and sleep keeping us both warm. She has been just nothing but sweet and loving to every person she has met since she’s been with my family and I. We all love her. She has enough love for a family of ten or just one special person. She’s also definitely a born watchdog and that’s the only time I’ve seen her bark-it was in the middle of the night when she heard a noise she didn’t know or like. Mimi is the definition of not just a dog but a Rescue Dog. Appreciative and devoted. Unconditionally loving. When she looks in your eyes with that devotion and it’s for you, you will melt. So tiny yet her heart is huge. God Bless Her.”

Mimi is spayed, up to date with shots, and microchipped.

For additional photos, please visit Mimi’s Facebook page or contact us for information or fill out an online application. And thanks for caring about this really special dog!