Hopewell Junction, NY

“Hi, I’m Nico! I am one handsome dude who literally gets stopped in public with cries of ‘That’s Petey the Dog from the Little Rascals!’

Well, my foster Mom thinks I look like the Phantom of the Opera, with my beautiful white head, covered strategically with black over my eye, like a mask…She also says I look like the Piggy she always wanted, with my piggy ears and pink nose and ears! (I also tend to grunt like a piggy when I’m happy). She also says I look like a black and white frog, the way that I like to stretch. She tells everyone that I remind her of a little boy lying on the floor, playing with his toys.

My foster parents say I’m a big ol’ lover boy, who will curl up in your lap like I’m a 10lb. Chihuahua!

I prefer to be in my crate when no one is home, because it makes me feel safe and secure. I sleep and eat in my crate and I even allowed them to teach me a SIT-STAY, for food….I wait until I am released with ‘NICO FREE!’. I don’t mean to brag, but I’m also excellent on house-training – no accidents for me!

I am very smart and I know my commands, such as DOWN, LEAVE IT!, SIT, STAY & GIVE PAW (both paws!). I give kisses when asked and I’m working on my listening skills, too! All I truly need is someone to show me the ropes and be patient and loving in teaching me more manners to become the gentleman that I am destined to be.

I walk great on my leash and if I pull, it’s only because I’m so excited to explore! I enjoy going on neighborhood walks with my foster family and foster-sister, Meeka! I really looove going for rides in the car! I just plop down on the center console and watch all there is to see going by. I’ve been playing chuck-it and frisbee and learning to fetch and return things in exchange for treats…and I always take them gently!

I am a strong boy, so I’m told I would do best in a home with a submissive dog, capable of engaging in rough play and older, active children.

So, now I’m patiently waiting for my forever lap! If you’re looking for a new four-legged family member that is high-energy and a big ‘ol mush who is just so stinkin’ cute, then I’m your guy!”

Nico ♥


Nico is neutered, fully-vaccinated, and microchipped.

For additional photos, please visit Nico’s Facebook page or contact us for information or fill out an online application. And thanks for caring about this really special dog!