Smooshy Faced Pittie Pup needs forever home!

Schoharie, NY This is Omar, an affectionate and fun loving American Pit Bull/Boxer mix. Omar is an 11 month old young boy in need of a new friend. Omar weighs 55 lbs with some room to grow into his big feet! He is mostly black with some white areas on his nose, feet and neck/chest. Omar would love to have a kid of his own and will play gently with a younger friend or tug rope and get rowdy with an older person or other dogs. Meeting new dogs is not an issue for Omar, but he will stand his ground if intimidated by a less friendly playmate. Within minutes though, Omar is happy running and jumping with his new friends like they’d been together forever! Omar’s favorite toy is a rope to throw around on his own or to tug with a friend or two. He will gladly plop himself down in your lap on the couch if you’d like, or he will make himself comfortable in his own spot to rest as long as he knows you are still there if he needs you. He really appreciates being rubbed on and reminded that he is loved. He will also sleep in bed, on the floor, in his crate or anywhere in the bedroom that is comfortable for him to lay, but he snores like a bear! Omar does have a bit of anxiety when left alone and is best in a sturdy, large crate so he has room to move without bending bars as he is quite the strong boy; he is beginning to adjust and is making improvements while left alone, however, if you have other friendly dogs he can hang out with, he will feel more comforted. He also appreciates a soft blanket in the crate with him so he can snooze while he waits for your return. Omar knows “sit” and he is practicing with other basic commands. He loves to receive praise and is respectful on leash with a harness. Come meet Omar and you’ll fall in love with everything from the way he looks at you to the way he trots around looking for a toy. Omar is neutered, is up to date on vaccines, and microchipped.
For additional photos, please visit Omar’s Facebook page or contact us for information or fill out an online application. And thanks for caring about this really special dog!