PEBBLES, Death Row Survivor, awaits surgery

Beautiful Sweet PEBBLES is safe and sound in her new foster home where she awaits surgery for the mass on her leg, which we are hoping will be this Friday. In the meantime, she is soaking up all the TLC she is getting from awesome foster mama Sally.

We are forever grateful to her and to all those who pledged for her much needed surgery. Pebbles is a throw away mama, and when she has her mass removed, she will also be spayed, so she will never be used for breeding again. To donate to her ongoing medical care, please go to Any amount is appreciated!

Will keep you posted on our sweet girl Pebbs!

A volunteer writes:

Pebbles isn’t just another pretty face. She’s a gorgeous, slightly chunky mama who seems to have been fed with love. Showing off great leash manners, she’s a quiet girl who took care of her big business the moment we were out the door, but waited to find some dirt in which to pee. How cute are her potty habits?!

She’s soft, gentle and easy to be with, but a bit distracted as she figures out her new surroundings. Pebbles ignored other dogs we passed, and showed no reaction to barking dogs. We took a water break in the park, Pebbles gently lapping up some water from a bowl. We snuggled for a bit before we both got too hot for close contact.

Off leash in the yard, Pebbles wagged her tail gently as other dogs passed, but in her first group play session, she was a bit nervous. She seems to have had a home in which she was loved, and is now looking for a new person or family to take care of. Past the crazy puppy stage, she’s at that perfect age where love, walks, and easy play are what will make her a happy girl. Come meet her today.

Another volunteer writes:

Even if she didn’t have the world’s most adorable face, I’d still be head-over-heels for this sweet girl because of her beautiful, peaceful, radiant soul. Just look into her eyes and you can see it for yourself…

Pebbles is 100 percent pure GOOD DOG.

I can’t think of a better companion for spending warm summer days lazing in the shade or cold winter nights nestled in each others’ arms. She’s so loving, so obedient and attentive. And talk about gentle!

Though a little shy at first, Pebbles warms up very quickly and is beyond thrilled to respond to a ‘come’ command by hopping two petite paws onto my lap for cuddles and kisses. She enjoys chasing a tennis ball but prefers to have me fetch it back for her, and her mouth is so soft that she never even really holds onto her toys, and takes treats from my hand with the lightest possible touch.

Family pets simply don’t come any more wonderful than this lovable chunky monkey.

In a calm, dog-savvy home, she’s going to shine brightly for many happy years to come. Pebbles is still waiting, but why are you? Scoop her up and take home a lifetime supply of snuggles today!!!

For photos, please visit Pebble’s Facebook page.

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And thanks for caring about this really special dog!