Edit: Recently Adopted!

Shushan, New York 12873

Sweet Rafy, a 15 lb. Norwich Terrier Mix, was pulled from the euthanasia list and placed in a home that did not give him the decompression time he very much needed, and they quickly gave up on him. Now he is thriving in a home where he is given the space and time he needs and is doing so well!

From Rafy’s devoted Foster Mom:

Rafy is doing great…. He ate his breakfast in private and now jumps on you for love…. He no longer is worried about being touched where he can’t see ad he loves a pet on the head….He walks on his leash and does his business… he still is not real happy about the Boys but he does sit in his crate with the door open and watches them…

He is not ready yet for the Play Area if there are any others out there… That will come in time….So we have placed a open door crate in the dining room for him so he can hide if he gets overwhelmed by the Boys… They know he is here and since he doesn’t want to play with them they are now ignoring him and every once in a while take a look at the crate to see if he is there… He does take a stroll out once in a while and is now sniffing with his head out of the crate if he sees them… No contact yet, but that will come with time…

He likes my husband and will rough house with him…. Today we are going to put his bed in the office with Mr Bo’s bed and see if he will use that as his safe spot along with the crate….

He is a doll baby, very sweet and when he finally jumps on one of the Boys and gives them a run for their money I will be grateful…LOL

Thanks again for allowing me to Foster this beautiful little guy….He is loved….Pictures will follow if I can get him to sit down….LOL…

For additional photos, please visit Rafy’s Facebook page or contact us for information or fill out an online application. And thanks for caring about this really special dog!