New York City, NY

Hi everybody! I am Miss Cutie Pie Robin! I am 44 lbs and about 4 years young with stunning good looks! So it’s hard to understand how I wound up on the streets of Brooklyn, and then horror of horrors, ended up in the shelter where I caught a cold, and they wanted to kill me because of it! I have had a litter of puppies, but I don’t know what happened to them. I sometimes feel pretty sad that they were taken from me! I am going to go have a surgery so that I never have to go through that pain again!

My foster parents tell me that I am THE BEST most snuggly, sweet and gentle dog that either of them have ever met. I’m better behaved than both of their little dogs,even. One of their dogs tried to attack me, and I had to defend myself. Now we have to be separated because the other dog doesn’t like me. I do get along and like to snuggle with their little male dog- we get along just fine! My foster family thinks I would be ok in a home either as a solo dog or with low key male dog.

I am really a good listener and take correction well, and I love to make my people happy! I know my basic commands, sit, stay, come, drop it and I am learning how to give paw!

I love to be outside and to explore and run around, staying close to my people! I must admit however that I am not thrilled about putting my paws in cold wet mud…because I’m a lady, obviously… I can be a bit dainty at times and get chilly, so I like to wear warm outerwear when the temperatures get cooler. My foster mom got me a bright orange jacket with fleece, not to brag, but DANG I look good!

At home, I am a lazy couch potato and I love being under blankets and on your lap/chest/face. I won’t jump up on furniture unless I am invited, but if you let me, you will have made my entire day!! I will gladly take a bone when offered, although truth be told, it is more fun to try and find hiding places in the house where I can leave it! If you find it though, I have to search out for another hiding place… I am very gentle when treats are given and I promise not to bite your hand when I take it from you.

I am a very good girl in the car, I love to run errands with my foster family, I am fine when I am home alone, no crates needed for me, thank you very much! I don’t chew on furniture or your belongings. If you want to leave the tv on while you are away, I won’t complain!

While I do love people of all ages, I prefer to be solo pet in the home!!

If you want me to be your girl, I promise I will love you and smother you with affection and gratitude all the days of my life! PLEASE inquire about me today!

For additional photos, please visit Robin’s Facebook page or contact us for information or fill out an online application. And thanks for caring about this really special dog!