Bristol, PA

“My name is Rocky and I am an 8 y/o neutered senior that weighs 75 lbs.

I was lucky to survive the nycacc not once, but twice! First I was adopted from there 5 years ago, but then my family of adults and teenagers could no longer keep me and brought my back there again 🙁

Thanks to AmsterDog, I was rescued and am now in foster with a family in PA. But, my foster family already has 2 dogs and 2 more also being fostered from the nycacc. This means I have to take turns with 4 other dogs to have outside time in the yard or on walks, and time to spend being around my foster family. Since I am most content to just ‘be’ in the presence of humans, I am sad that I have to spend so much time in my crate.

I am a good boy and have a lot going for me. I am housetrained (of course!), I walk excellent on the leash (no pulling), and I know a ton of commands including sit, stay, come, wait, down, leave it, and take it. I do not jump up on people unless invited; I wait for direction from my humans.

I am not the type of rambunctious pup that will slobber all over you; instead, I am mature and reserved. I will give hugs and the occasional kiss when invited, but otherwise I prefer to just be sitting at your feet or in nearby proximity to you. Wherever you go, I like to be nearby and this makes me the perfect companion dog! I enjoy my stuffed toys and bones, but the thing I enjoy most in life – above all else – is just being able to be in the presence of my humans. That is when I am most content.

I am quiet when outside in the yard or on walks – I don’t bark at passersby or other dogs. I tolerate other dogs okay, but prefer the company of humans since that’s what I was accustomed to being the only dog in my previous family. My foster family also has a cat and since I’ve never really had interaction with cats, I am very curious about them and that makes me want to chase them.

I have been told I am a handsome dog with my nice thick coat and regal looking face. Except of course for my one unique and endearing trait that sets me apart from the others – I have one ear that stays up and one that stays down!

I am very grateful to my foster family for giving me a place to stay, but I really need to be in a home without all of the commotion of so many other dogs coming and going. Won’t you please consider being my forever family and giving me a home where I can spend my senior years without having to worry about ending up at the shelter again? In exchange, I promise you love, loyalty, good behavior, protection, and most of all – companionship – since being in the company of humans is truly what I love more than anything else. Thank you for taking the time to read my bio and considering me for adoption!”

Love, Rocky ♥

For additional photos, please visit Rocky’s Facebook page or contact us for information or fill out an online application. And thanks for caring about this really special dog!