RUSTY – Precious 3 y/o, 65 lb Pit Mix, Loves Other Dogs!

Reisterstown, MD – Hi everyone! My name is Rusty. I am a 3 y/o brindle pit bull mix searching for my forever family.

My foster mom says I am adorable, and she also tells me I am a great snuggler. I think that’s just because I’ve never met a person I didn’t love! Every time I meet a new person I run right to them and if they let me I wrap my paws around them and give them a big hug. If they don’t then I will try to climb in their lap and snuggle like I do with my foster mom. If that’s not OK then I just hope they give me a belly rub because that is my favorite thing in the whole world.

I love playing with other dogs, and my foster mom says I have a great play bow. My bigger Foster Brother Knight must think so too because we play together all the time.

But I also play with my little Foster Sister Luna. I have to be a gentle with her and also make sure I let her win sometimes.

Oh, yeah, Foster Mom says I should make sure to say that I am neutered, weigh about 65 lbs., and that I need to go to a home with no cats. I really don’t understand why, because I think they are really fun to chase, but she doesn’t think that is a great idea, even when they run.

Other than belly rubs and snuggling my favorite thing during the winter was to eat snow. But now that the snow is gone I like eating ice cubes instead as special treats. I also love toys, but don’t have a lot of stuffed toys left because as soon as I get one I eat the squeakers out and then tear them apart. But I have so very much fun doing it that Foster Mom laughs at me while she watches. I’d be really happy in a home with another dog to play with or at least one who could visit sometimes, and a fenced yard that I could run around in really, really fast, and chase balls and play fetch with my people.

My Foster Mom thinks I am very smart because I am so good at learning new tricks. Since coming to live with her I have learned how to sit, shake, give high-fives and low fives, lie down, roll over and stay.

She does say that I still need a little more work on some of my big boy skills, like housetraining, counter-surfing, and crate training, but she thinks I will learn fast if I have a fenced yard, and if there are treats involved, especially Pup-Peroni Training Treats because they are my favorite. But, she also says I take them very gently and she thinks that is good.

If you choose me as your forever fur-baby I promise to be your best buddy for life, to always love you unconditionally, to give you lots of snuggles and to greet you with a happy smile whenever you come home. Just love me and be good to me and I will try very hard to be everything you want me to be.

Rusty, your new best friend

For additional photos, please visit Rusty’s Facebook page or contact us for information or fill out an online application. And thanks for caring about this really special dog!