From her foster mom

This baby is the sweetest. She just loves to love, doesn’t matter who or what you are (kids, cats and dogs alike!) She is learning what it’s like to be loved back and she is soaking it up!! This sweetheart is definitely ready for her forever love home!

A volunteer writes: The Urban Dictionary says that sibble = “to list someone as your brother/sister/mother/father/cousin”. Well, OK, as our Sibble is ready to be a part of your family as a cherished pet companion so lets add that to the definition.

Gorgeous, playful, sweet and affectionate at 10 months old, Sibble is ready to exit her kennel and head to the yard for some play and cuddle time. Bouncy and puppy-excited to chase a ball, play with a toy, she gives me lots of tail wags and kisses as we play.

Her caramel and vanilla coat is clean and groomed and the only thing that mars her perfection at this moment is a wound under her neck which looks like it might be from an embedded collar. It’s being treated, it will heal and then nothing will mar her perfection.

Sibble is fun, loving and all about being a puppy as she should be. Puppies aren’t for everyone, but if you’re ready to share your life with a gorgeous little girl who needs some structure, positive reinforcement training and lots of love to help her grow up into the amazing adult she’ll be, ask to meet Sibble today!

For additional photos, please visit Sibble the Pibble’s Facebook page or contact us for information or fill out an online application. And thanks for caring about this really special dog!