Mountainville, NY       Silk is a splendid girl who exudes sweetness, sophistication, and plenty of spunk! Thanks to a wonderful foster family, this very special girl was given a second chance at life after her owner became too sick to care for her (and she and her housemate both found themselves on the at risk list at the NYC ACC).
At the shelter, Silk became a fast favorite of staff and volunteers as she was all about the snuggles and cuddles! Read what a volunteer had to say of her:

“Silk is affectionate to the extreme. As we walked, she would whimper and jump up to be petted. It was quirky, yet endearing. Once I started petting her she would sit right down. She begged for constant petting during the whole walk. She’s most definitely a “people-dog!”
Not only is she a people dog, but she lived in harmony with her pit mix housemate, with whom she enjoyed rough and rowdy play and doggie cuddles. Silk has been around children of all ages, and loves playing with them, however, she can be exuberant and may unintentionally knock over a smaller child.

Silk LOVES toys, hey, who doesn’t? She is a fan of tennis balls, and if she can find one, appreciates a good stick she can carry around and gnaw upon. She is overall well-mannered on leash (unless she sees someone she really wants to meet!) and she loves to explore. She doesn’t guard her things, and takes treats very gently. Silk is house-trained and crate-trained!
Silk would love to have a playful, friendly canine partner, as we sense she misses her former housemate, and the current resident dogs with whom she is staying don’t appreciate her rambunctious style of play.
Silk is a svelte 60 pounds and approximately 14 months young. She is spayed, microchipped and up to date on her vaccinations.
For additional photos, please visit Silk’s Facebook page or contact us for information or fill out an online application. And thanks for caring about this really special dog!