Star is a beautiful gray 10 year old 50 lb.Pit Bull who was rescued from the city shelter on 11/11/2016, thanks to our amazing friends at Canine Kindergarten. Here is what Star’s devoted foster mom had to say about this super sweet senior: NY Senior Star lived in one home for 10 yrs. One day they walked her over to a city shelter, turned their backs and walked away from her.

This Angel of God is happy, sweet, healthy, a great eater, no food aggression, loves the car, adores my 10 yr old daughter, off leash trained, good listener, mature, house trained (amazing bladder), when left alone, will go to sleep, squeeze her and she makes cooing noises, good with big and small dogs, good with cats, loves all visitors and is always, always happy.

Come on dog lovers, I just don’t think you can get more perfect than Star, an Angel in a dog’s body! Help me find the perfect home for the perfect dog.
For additional photos, please visit Star’s Facebook page or contact us for information or fill out an online application. And thanks for caring about this really special dog!